Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 03/23/17

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Why Marketers Have a Stake in Staunching Cybercrime
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Marketing traditionally has not collaborated with IT from a cybersecurity standpoint,” Hattar says. “IT has been someone to help them employ their tools and make sure they do a lot of the back-end stuff.” What comes next will be a combination of transparency by all parties in the online ad realm and increased education of marketers so they can act with more awareness and accountability, experts say.

How Marketers Can Use Data to Create Great Customer Experiences
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Quick: What skills do marketers need in 2017? An easier question to ask might be what’s not needed. Whether it’s classical business acumen, communications expertise or tech and data proficiency, there’s seemingly no tool that’s too specialized to be considered outside the realm of marketing.”

5 Ways Businesses Can Reach ‘Generation Z’
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Millennials, that is, those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s, are a major topic of review among business leaders. In contrast to the narrative of the “me-generation” that came before them, millennials are typically seen as innovative, reflective individuals withe plenty to offer the workforce.”


Why Starbucks thinks ‘being everywhere’ works against the brand
FROM THE ARTICLE: ‘Starbucks believes that its 25,000 stores across the globe has led consumers to “forget” about its “high-quality”’.

Mars on why diversity needs to be ‘flipped on its head’
FROM THE ARTICLE: ‘Mars’ marketing chief says that when it comes to running a successful business and producing strong advertising, diversity should be considered as “the cake, not the icing on it”.’


Facebook Messenger copies Facebook’s copy of Instagram’s copy of Snapchat Stories
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Messenger Day lets people post photos and videos to a running diary that expires after 24 hours, like they can on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.”

Marketer MVPs of Social Media: Humor Wins the Day for Denny’s
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Denny’s used bids for laughter to achieve some of the highest engagement of any brand in social media in the week through March 7, according to ListenFirst Media, which said a Denny’s Twitter post topped other marketers’ tweets and a Tumblr post by the brand won there too.”

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