Even Marketers Can’t Resist a Great Marketing Campaign!

Marketers love a great Marketing campaign, even the subtle ones! And this campaign held my interest from the first moment I saw it. Playing on my love for 1) discovering new things, 2) red wine, and 3) House of Cards, I found an item I couldn’t resist – Underwood Pinot Noir – in a can!! 

How did this campaign grab my attention?

Recently, at Trader Joe’s (and I was only running in to grab 2-3 items), on my way to the cashier, I saw this silver can that read “Underwood”. Immediately, it made me think of Frank Underwood from House of Cards and how much I love the show (although there is no correlation that I am aware of between these two things) and cannot wait for it to return to Netflix! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen ads in recent weeks about the upcoming season and a May release date, so seeing the name “Underwood” triggered this memory. (Marketing side note: on average, it can take anywhere between 6-10 times of viewing / hearing an ad message before someone remembers what the message is about).

Because I was so intrigued I picked up the can and to my surprise – it was a Pinot Noir! Score!! Wine in a fancy branded can! They had me. Just like that, I picked up two cans – one to try and … one to share? Well, we’ll see…

That was all it took folks! Great timing from Underwood wines (even if they didn’t mean to tie into the upcoming House of Cards season), great branded can, catchy name, and great in-store placement – prime location for an impulse purchase. And I have to give TJ’s credit. The price per can was $4.99 – which wasn’t advertised. I may have balked at the $4.99 per can – because you can get some pretty great wines for $10-15 if you’re wanting to experiment with something new (check out Total Wine for a great selection), but the cashier had already charged me before I knew what hit me and I was committed. 

Was it any good?

Absolutely! It was surprisingly tasty! You notice the inviting aroma as soon as you open the can. I poured the wine in a glass, gave it the swirl and sniff test. It passed. LOL. The wine has notes of cherry, chocolate, and raspberry (some of my favorite hints of flavor in red wine). 

Wrapping up the Marketing.

The grassroots marketing campaign was so good – as well as the wine – that I had to share. So this additional word of mouth marketing even further strengthens their campaign, making it much more effective for those in my circle. 

Cheers! Let me know if you try it…

Additional information.

To learn more about Underwood Wines, you can visit: http://unionwinecompany.com/our-story/.

To find a great selection of wine, visit your Total Wine: http://www.totalwine.com/.

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