Thursday Marketing Wrap-up: 4/20/17

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Does Your Marketing Team Have These 9 All-Star Qualities?
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Like basketball, construction and Marvel superheroes, marketing demonstrates its best results when people work together as a team. Your marketing team doesn’t have to be big — it might be just you and a freelancer or two, or it might be an entire department with dozens of people — but everyone does have to work solidly together to bring the best possible results.”

5 Referral Marketing Strategies for Professional Service Providers
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Referrals should be one of the top marketing strategies professional service providers focus on. Why? Because referrals are likelier to translate into more clients than leads generated through other marketing methods. According to this study, the two biggest factors that increase the probability of referrals are visible expertise (34.7 percent) and a professional relationship (24.4 percent).”

Entertain or Die: Marketing Lessons from Hollywood
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Advertising has always been most effective when it is entertaining us. When it’s evoking our emotions through stories that make us feel something with the brand. Creating intimacy, the basis of any relationship.”


Is Your Brand Name Limiting Your Business Prospects?
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Choosing a brand name is one of the first steps in creating your business and certainly among the most crucial — strong, memorable names are a key ingredient to the success of your product, service or company.”

How Brands and Agencies Are Fighting Back Against Facebook and Google’s Measurement Snafus
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a $1 billion U.S. advertiser, is fed up with playing by Facebook’s rules. As a result, the carmaker concocted its own set of measurement standards that combine video views with a layer of additional stats, prodded by what it sees as a lack of comparability for Facebook to other media it buys.”

How BK’s Google Home Stunt Reflects New Audio Branding Era
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Burger King’s move this week to trigger aGoogle Home response from a TV ad proved that stunt marketing, when done right, still works, at least in terms of earning free media attention. But the feat also showed how audio, as much as visuals, is emerging as a critical branding consideration as voice-powered personal assistants like Alexa rise in popularity and so-called “hearables” — like smart headphones — enter the market. This new audio era is a throwback to the days when radio ads ruled, but with a twist: Instead of simply talking at consumers, new technologies have allowed brands to have a two-way voice dialogue.”


The Top 23 Social Networking Sites People Are Using
FROM THE ARTICLE: “The world’s most popular social networking sites certainly have changed over the years, and they’ll undoubtedly continue to change as time moves forward. Old social networks will die, popular ones will stick around as they’re forced to evolve, and brand new ones will appear.”

Snapchat is launching a self-serve platform for Snap ads
FROM THE ARTICLE: “After sponsored geofilters, Snapchat is working on launching a new self-serve platform for its Snap ads product, according to sources. The platform is expected to roll out shortly and is expected to be timed to release alongside the IAB’s Newfronts conference, which kicks off in New York on May 1, said multiple agency executives interviewed by Digiday.”

Instagram goes after Pinterest with saved post collections
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Now that Instagram has overtaken Snapchat by emulating its features, the service is taking aim at another social networking heavyweight: Pinterest. Instagram is rolling out an update to its Android and iOS apps that introduces saved post collections. If you want ideas for your next vacation, you don’t have to sift through your entire save history to find memorable travel shots. The feature lets you both add posts directly to new collections and organize those you’ve already preserved.”


Marvel Rules The Universe
THE ARTICLE’S SUB HEADLINE: “Every company want to dominate its industry the way the superhero factory has taken over Hollywood. A guide to finding your cape and taking flight.”

Coachella commercialism runs amock in the desert
THE ARTICLE’S SUB HEADLINE: “The heavily hyped music festival that’s all about brands and bands — in that order — got underway in Indio, Calif., over the weekend. And the masses of publicists linked to the event aren’t even pretending this is about anything substantial.”

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