Thursday Marketing Wrap-up: 5/18/17

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Why content marketing is going Hollywood
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Brand storytelling is no longer just a content marketing buzzword, especially as consumers demand more compelling narratives, authenticity and entertainment value in their marketing and block out old, interruptive forms of messaging. As marketers seek to adjust strategy, many are taking the logical next step of tapping professionals and artists who have excelled in the space for years in Hollywood.”

Making Sense of the 2017 Marketing Technology
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Today, technology has infiltrated every facet of the marketing world. From content marketing to email marketing to the customer experience, technology is playing a central role. For the uninitiated, John Koetsier, mobile economist at Tune, provides a simple but effective definition of martech during his discussion with AdAge: “Every piece of technology a marketer uses to reach a potential customer is martech”. You can download the full Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic at

The Marketing Power of Secure Payments
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Secure payments serve a functional purpose in your business, but they can also serve double duty as a marketing benefit — particularly now that so many customers have experienced card fraud or security breaches.”


5 Self-Branding Tips for Small Business Owners
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Every business owner knows that the odds are stacked against them when starting out; more than 50 percent of startups fail in their first four years. When businesses do end up failing, the entrepreneur behind them is equally destroyed; that is, unless they were busy building their personal brand as well.”

Brand Building, Lavar Ball, and the Business of Sports Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Like him or not, Lavar Ball has created an interesting discussion pertaining to the business of brand building and sports marketing.  And the fact we take time here to offer yet another public discussion of his efforts to promote his family’s Big Baller Brand is yet another marketing win for the brand.”

3 Crucial Tips to Undergo a Brand Facelift and Make the Changes Stick
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Any marketer that has been through a brand refresh has likely imagined the same nightmare scenario. After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, you launch your new and improved brand, but it misses the mark. The brand upgrade gets reviewed as just a new shade of blue. The problem is that for most marketers, branding is synonymous with a new design that just involves the marketing and creative team. A cool website with new colors, a flashy template and some animated forms are often where the branding and rebranding process begins and ends.”


3 Ways to Master Social Media Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Great writers and business leaders create this environment of attraction through storytelling, the human brain’s most primitive and powerful form of communication. How do they do it? And how can you tap into their secrets to make your online content and social media continuously sticky and memorable?”

Social Native raises $8 million to build a new social media platform
FROM THE ARTICLE: “No one, it seems, has come up with a good way to harness all the videos, photos and tweets that budding creators post every day on YouTube, or the Facebook media juggernaut, or its smaller Snap-pier rivals. Stepping into the breach is Social Native, a company with a fresh $8 million in financing and a well-pedigreed executive team that’s hoping to give brands a way to use social images and messaging as a more effective advertising channel.”

With Many Social Media Options, Small Businesses Need Focus
FROM THE ARTICLE: “When Snapchat went public this year, it was a reminder to many small business owners that they need to be part of the social media evolution. But which network? Snapchat? Facebook? Instagram? All of the above? Many owners opt for a mix, picking services that will be the best marketing tools for their companies.”


Influencers vs. Ambassadors vs. Advocates: Stop the Confusion!
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Brand influencers, ambassadors and advocates are everywhere these days. Think of bloggers, social media mavens and celebrities active in both of those two activities. Apparently these efforts work: A recent study by Schlesinger Associates showed that 81 percent of companies that had deployed an influencer campaign were very satisfied with the results; however, one of the biggest challenges was influencer selection.”

How micro-influencers are becoming essential to marketers
THE ARTICLE’S SUB HEADLINE: “Consumers are becoming savvier at tuning out ads, and marketers are scrambling to find new ways to reach them. At the same time, people — especially teens and millennials — are becoming increasingly engaged with online influencers.”

How Your Business Can Benefit From Micro-Influencer Marketing
THE ARTICLE’S SUB HEADLINE: “Consumer trust in advertising, and in big business in general, is at an all-time low. In fact, there’s been a shift to a more authentic two-way conversation — via social media — based on discovery. Consumers prefer genuine recommendations from friends, family and micro-influencers, who tend to hold small, but fiercely loyal followings.”

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