And the Oscar goes to … Mobile!

It’s the day after the Academy Awards and everybody is talking about the Best Picture “incident”. People around the world were shocked as “La La Land” was announced as the winner incorrectly, and ultimately the award went to “Moonlight”. Congratulations to “Moonlight” on their outstanding win!

Last night approximately 33 million people were watching the Oscars. It is among the most watched televised event (viewership is down from last year due to a number of reasons), and from a business point of view, advertising during the Academy Awards can put you directly in front of your target audience. It is important to note that while the Academy Awards may be one of the biggest nights of live television, it is also one of the most expensive (second only to the Super Bowl).

In all of the hoopla surrounding last night’s event, there was one notable award missing, at least from a business perspective…

And the Award goes to … MOBILE!

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile… for companies and brands wishing to reach their target demographics during the award show, mobile must be a part of their overall strategy. In 2016, the Oscars averaged 34 million viewers, and on average 84% of mobile owners use phones or tablets while watching TV. For brands looking to build successful consumer campaigns, one important note to remember is to find your audience where they already are, on mobile!

Companies and Brands can start to build smart consumer lifecycle campaigns with mobile. For those with television ads airing during the Awards, live-tweeting, using hashtags, and having real-time follow-up posts on Facebook and Instagram will extend the life of the campaign, increased brand awareness, and build a stronger consumer/brand relationship.

Remember a few years ago when Ellen set a retweet record with her Oscar selfie? Well, did you know she took that with a Samsung Galaxy phone and that Samsung negotiated a sponsorship with ABC to promote the Galaxy the phone during the broadcast! This year, Samsung continues to dominate the Oscars. Not only is Samsung advertising their new phone on the red carpet and having celebrities use their phones to take selfies, but they also are airing many, many commercials. The missed opportunity here is, I couldn’t find any real-time red carpet pictures on their Twitter account or find any hashtags associated with their campaign.

A best practice for companies is to be sure that your campaigns use content that engages the audience by providing more information, being funny, having a social message, pulling at the heartstrings or being interesting enough that people will be talking about it at the proverbial Monday morning water cooler. Companies should work to find their niche and make it stand out among their competitors.

The key to mobile is that it doesn’t stop with one post or tweet – that is just the beginning. Successful marketing continues past the Oscars, past the one commercial or even that hashtag campaign. It’s about creating a comprehensive campaign that turns your likes, loves, retweets, comments and other engagements into a consumer/brand relationship. Authentic engagement leads to loyal customers. Loyal customers lead to increased profits.



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