August Content Challenge

VEDA stands for “Vlog Everyday In April” (or August in this instance). It is a movement among bloggers to create a video a day, everyday, for the entire months of April and/or August. VEDA is also your content challenge for August. If you’ve always wanted to be a vlogger, but didn’t know where to begin, VEDA is your guide and also a great way to build your skills as a video editor in a pretty quick fashion. In addition, this program is a wonderful way to connect with your current audience online while building new followers and establishing a new communication channel for yourself or your business. But, the most important outcome of participating in VEDA is the fact that you will be establishing a brand new daily content creation habit, which is an extremely positive step as a blogger or content creator.

Thousands of people participate in VEDA every year – to varying degrees of success and completion. The fact that you participate in VEDA on any level is GREAT! But here are a few ways you can participate and be completely successful in creating content for yourself or your business.

So how do you get started with VEDA?

You do not need anyone’s permission to participate in VEDA, you just do it. But, if you are serious about using VEDA as another way to create great content then we suggest you follow these few tried and true steps to get going:

  1. (1) If you do not already have a YouTube account, create one. This is the best and most effective place to post your videos everyday during the challenge. The YouTube VEDA community is really active and growing each year so it is a great source for using the power of other VEDA participants to help promote your videos.
  2. (2) Once you have a YouTube account, create a channel for yourself. That channel should either represent you as an individual or your business, (or both). Just make sure you take the time to think about the name you wish to give to your channel because it will be very hard for you to change it in the future.
  3. (3) Use your favorite graphic creation application, (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Picmonkey or Canva) to create a profile image and cover art for your channel. If you already have an established brand, make sure that these two images maintain your brand’s look and feel consistently.
  4. (4) Take the time to create a great “About” page for your channel. Write a descriptive paragraph or two about yourself, your brand and the types of things your viewers can expect from your channel.
  5. (5) Have a plan for what you think you might want to talk about in your videos. Write out this plan for yourself and match up your topics with a day of the week for the entire month. You do not have to totally stick to this plan, but it will definitely help you on those days when you are not really feeling inspired to record or you have no clue what to talk about for the day. Refer to your list and keep going.
  6. (6) Follow the KISS rule, keep it simple stupid! When participating in your first VEDA month, we suggest that you keep your videos short and simple. For the first time around, it REALLY is just about participation and getting that video out daily. If you really get the swing of things and are really doing well with the habit of vlogging, then move on to concentrating on the quality of the content but at first, short simple videos are the best practice.
  7. (7) Make sure to use the #VEDA hashtag in your video descriptions daily along with 3-5 other hashtags that are coordinated with the topic of your video for the day. This is really important in your efforts to build a larger audience and to find new followers.
  8. (8) SELF PROMOTE! Do not be afraid to self promote during VEDA. That is actually a big part of the VEDA process itself. Just the act of creating a video a day for the public to see is an act of self promotion so work with it. Cross promote your videos on your other social media platforms, on your blog, and via email or newsletter if you have access to those options. Remember your hashtags and video descriptions.

And that is it! Relax and enjoy the process of VEDA. It is not meant to be a stressful challenge or process for you. Do your best and when the month is over, look back at your work and be proud of how hard you worked and how far you have come.

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