Chevrolet Wins With Prince Tribute

Prince Rogers Nelson passed away on April 21, 2016. Anyone who knows me personally, knows of my deep love of Prince and his music. I grewup listening to his music and have seen him in concert more times than I care to remember, across countless states and venues. 

In complete Prince fashion, news of his death set records on social media and dominated social media. According to Adweek, 24 hours after Prince’s death, the search term “prince” and “#prince” generated almost 13 million tweets. There were also countless Facebook, Instagram, and Blog posts dedicated to the icon. 

Chevrolet’s Corvette Post

Not only were people posting their personal sentiments and expressing their griefs, Brands also joined in via Social Media to pay tribute as well. Most notably was the Chevrolet Corvette tweet, paying homage to Prince’s hit song “Little Red Corvette”.

corvette_1461450924259_1874500_ver1.0The simple, yet sophisticated tweet, used only a single lyric from the song. The tweet was so well received, that Chevrolet ending up running it as a full-page print ad in several publications. Well done Chevy! Well done, indeed! 

To view the ads published by Chevrolet, follow this link: Chevy’s “Little Red Corvette” ads

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