Do You Have A Video Strategy For Your Business?

Video Content is an important link between you and your target audience whether you’re selling a service or a product. If done properly, it is an authentic way to connect with your audience.

If you do not yet have a video content strategy, it’s not too late to get a head start and begin your planning for the Fall. 

Just like using Instagram Stories as a business tool, video content is a great way to authentically engage your consumers into your business environment. Your video content strategy should reflect those things that are important to your product and services, as well as those things that support the mission and vision of your company. For instance, if you office staff dresses up for Halloween, post videos of those costumes? Have a conference that you’re attending, posting a snippet from the speakers. Don’t forget to include images of you as well. Your audience wants to hear from you as the expert in your field. And by all means, have fun! Make sure your brand voice and personality is reflected in your content. 

To get you started, here are a few ideas during October – December of this year that may help spark your creativity.


  • National Golf Day: 10/4
  • National Do Something Nice Day: 10/5
  • National Bosses Day: 10/16
  • Make A Difference Day:10/28
  • Halloween: 10/31


  • National Vanilla Cupcake Day: 11/10
  • Veteran’s Day: 11/11
  • Thanksgiving: 11/23
  • Cyber Monday: 11/27
  • National Day of Giving: 11/28


  • National Cotton Candy Day: 12/4
  • Hanukkah: 12/12
  • Christmas: 12/25
  • Boxing Day: 12/26
  • National Chocolate Candy Day: 12/28

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