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Recently, posted an article, “3 Clever Ways To Get More Customers In The Next 3 Weeks”. Their 3 clever ideas are asfollows:

  1. Create a Contest.
  2. Create a mailer.
  3. Build an email blast. suggests that these three things “will get you more attention, traffic, customers and money in the next three weeks or less.”

While the article provides some solid ideas on attracting clients, there are a few things that should be considered with each idea. 

Create a Contest

Create a contest, promote it, and the clients will come? Is it really that easy? Well, actually no, it’s not. Clients will come if they find value in the prize being offered – AND more importantly – they need to know about the contest. Have a bad prize and no promotion, a contest will not help bring clients. Have a great prize that no one knows about, well.. this is equally problematic. My suggestion is to create a contest that has viral component that your clients, or potential clients, will share on all of their social media platforms. Make the contest engaging. Have a prize that sends people on an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii? Maybe have contestants submit video content of why they should win the trip to Hawaii? Have them tag your business on all of their social media outlets and compete for the number of likes or comments. Have them share pictures of your business and products in order to win the prize. There are many interesting ways to make the contest engaging. On the other side, people have to know about your contest. In order to help get the word out, make sure that the contest is mentioned on all of your social media accounts, your website’s homepage, and keep updates coming with reminder of submissions, etc. It may would be a great time to paid for social media advertising or sponsorships. 

Create a Mailer

If you have a mailing list, and the author of the article really hopes that you do, a mailing list (physical or email) is a way to show customer appreciation, and incentive new or existing customers to try your products and services for a discount. While this may not be the best way to obtain new customers, it is indeed a method to consider. While physical mail may not be the best option, people love getting electronic gift cards in the mail. Personally, I’m more enticed by dollars off then a flat percentage. However, the gift card should directly be for a service or product you are offering. My local dry cleaners can send me a $5 Starbucks’ gift card, which I’ll gladly use, but it will not drive me to provide them with more business. However, a $5 gift card off my next order of dry cleaning, my have me drop off my clothes a little sooner. Sometimes, it’s the small things that count!

Build an Email Blast

To me, this is very similar to creating a mailer. You’re sending out an email to your current mailing list. However, this article provides a slight twist to the idea. Instead of just sending an email with text, the suggestion here is to use video. I know… very different right? lol. However, video content can be very important for your business or brand. Not only can this content be used to send to your mailing list, but it can also be used on your website and all of your social media accounts (including YouTube). Make sure your video message will drive them back to your website or other social media accounts to find our more about your business. If the content is engaging, it could possibly go viral and reach more people than you ever imagined.

As suggests, these are only a few ideas. 

However, there are indeed many other ideas that will help your business or brand grow and acquire new clients! Feel free to contact us directly for ideas that can be applied specifically to your business!







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