Happy National Coffee Day!!

I love coffee – everything about it. I especially love the taste of a nice, rich dark roast. No cream, just a little sugar. If I’m feeling fancy, I may add a flavor to it – nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate. I even love the smell of it. I can drink coffee any time of the day and still sleep soundly at night. My former work colleagues and I loved coffee so much that we would have afternoon coffee breaks in one of their offices, which was lovingly dubbed “Cafe Desage” (he was fancy and french, so we had espresso from his Nespresso). So today, I honor “National Coffee Day”. LOL.  

Have a Coffee Shop or Sell Coffee? Here are a few ideas that you may find helpful…

Cross promotion

Whether you have a retail shop, or sell your coffee online, try partnering with other brands to help you reach a new consumer. If you have a retail location, are there stores in the same area where customers are waiting for service (think car wash, salons, barbershops, etc.). Offer samples (or discounts) to people in these shops, and cross promote the services in this business in your coffee shop. If you’re an online retailer, try partnering with other brands that ship that products and that make sense to pair with coffee (desserts, chocolate, maybe even flower shops).

Micro Influencers

Influencers work! Have people who are coffee enthusiasts THAT YOU KNOW promote your product to their social media following. People in your circle – who enjoy your product – will be happy to promote your brand. All it takes is a simple ask, you may be surprised how many people are willing to help spread the word for you. Think about throwing in free (or discounted) coffee to those who help support your brand. A little thank you can go a long way.


Not only do incentives encourage repeat business and customer loyalty for the business owner, they also makes the consumer feel like they are being rewarded by your business. Everyone loves a deal, and people really love FREE! So create coffee buying programs that will have your customers frequently purchasing your coffee. Examples: Order $20 or more of coffee online, receive free shipping. Buy $20 coffee from our store, receive $3 off your next purchase. Make sure that your incentive makes sense for your brand and your bottom line.

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National (International) Coffee Day (Wiki)

  • Relatively new holiday – it’s official debut was on Oct. 1, 2015
    Holiday was agreed to by the International Coffee Organization, launched in Milan and used to promote fair trade coffee

Coffee History (via Good Housekeeping)

  • Discovered in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D by Shepherds
  • 2nd most traded commodity ON EARTH
  • First freeze-dried food
  • Majority of coffee is produced in Brazil (40%)
  • Hawaii is the only state in the US that commercially grows coffee

Coffee Trends you may have noticed for 2017

  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Coffee infused teas
  • Ready-To-Drink Coffee
  • Nitro Coffee
  • Gourmet Coffee

Have a Great National Coffee Day – be sure to check out your local shop shops for any promotions today!



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