Get Your Skills Up: Marketing Certifications That Can Boost Your Credibility And Career

As a Marketer, it is important to make sure that you are keeping your skills as sharp as possible. Staying up to date on the latest practices for your industry is essential to keeping your finger on the pulse of what clients may need for their products or services.

If you are new to marketing, you will need to prove that you have done your homework and are knowledgeable in the industry – this is just as important as conveying confidence and knowledge to your current and potential clients.

Continued education and updated certifications can go a long way to proving your prowess as a forward thinking Marketer. Some of these certifications are related to marketing, but others are related to aspects of marketing that are just as important such as SEO, social media, and more. Many certifications are offered online and some are even offered for free or are of little cost to you.

We have gathered a list of popular and useful certifications and their links to help you get started. We hope this list helps you add that extra “something” to your arsenal of experience, as well as give you a boost in credibility and confidence in your skillset.

DMA Certifications
Direct Marketing Association offers several certifications for marketers. The main certification, the DMA Certified Marketing Professional, covers all aspects of online marketing.

Google AdWords Certification
The AdWords certification exams are designed to test your knowledge of online advertising best practices and AdWords. They are required to become AdWords certified.

Google Analytics Certification
Analytics Academy offers free, online courses on Analytics and other data analysis tools. You can use Analytics Academy to prepare for the Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam—an industry recognized qualification.

Hootsuite Certification
Hootsuite offers a variety of entry level and advanced certifications that are Industry-recognized and demonstrate your expertise with the world’s most-used social media management platform to clients and employers.

AMA Certified Professional Marketer
The American Marketing Association offers a Certified Professional Marketer program. To be eligible to take this exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree and four years of professional marketing experience, or a master’s degree and two years of professional marketing experience.

Bing Ads Certification
Bing offers search advertising training for Bing Ads Certification. It’s a free program for active Bing Ads users.

Content Marketing Institute Online Training and Certification
Content Marketing Institute offers online training and certification for content marketers.

Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
Authority is an advanced content marketing training and networking community designed to accelerate your skills and success.

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