Media Kit Essentials: What You Need To Include In Every Marketing Kit

Marketing Kits have become a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy. These kits include everything you would find in a standard Press kit (a curated set of promotional materials, including information regarding the company, organization, cause or service, press ready photos, and contact information). However, Marketing kits include additional information that speaks specifically to your brand, your brand’s voice and personality, your organization products or services and most importantly, what sets you and your organization apart from your competition.

Marketing kits are great tools in attracting new customers, providing immediate information about your company to potential and new clients,and are a great way to convey your brand’s look, feel, and mission.

But what goes into a marketing kit? The contents can vary from industry to industry and from company to company. Kits are very subjective and come in all shapes, sizes, functionalities,and platforms. While marketing kits contents can range from the simple to the fascinatingly complex, there are a few items that every kit should have no matter what the industry or purpose.

Please note, Marketing kits can be provided to potential clients in various forms. In a digital format:

1) on a USB drive that you hand out at networking events,

2) on a dedicated page on your website (you can set up a private page that only new clients can see with a link), or

3) as a PDF attachment as part of your email signature. Materials can also be provided in a physical format. A presentation can be created showcasing all of the material and placed inside a branded company folder.

Staple items of a Marketing kit include:

Graphic collateral
-Company or individual logo(s), blog header, avatars, social media icons / handles, professional photos of your company, product or service, approved company marks.

Leadership Information
– Headshots of all company leaders,100 word bios (length may vary), leadership social media links that are affiliated with the company (especially Linkedin and Medium if available).

Company Information
– Founding dates, history (especially if the current company is a combination of other companies or mergers), accomplishments, mission, vision, goals, awards and acknowledgements.

Statistics for your Website or Publication (if applicable)
– Monthly unique visitors, monthly page views, readership demographic information, email subscriber stats, etc.

Social Media Statistics
– Links and IDs for all active social media platforms, as well as the number of followers, shares, views, etc.

Client or Customer Testimonials
– Feedback from customers or clients, expressions of appreciation for your service, customer service recognition and awards, etc.

Services List
– Outline your products and/or services offered, you can also include rates for your services and products if standard across all projects.

Client List
– Provide a list of your best clients if available. Include their company or brand logos and links to their websites.

Company Contact Information
– Company or Individual’s full name, title, website, email address, phone number, fax (if available.), mailing addresses, physical locations, links to social media (again) and any other contact information deemed necessary.

Do you already have a Marketing kit for your company? What are some other essential elements that you include in your kits? Share them with us in the comments below!

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