A Month Of Social Media: Ideas To Up Your Social Media Game

Got ideas? No? Well, we do! While you are looking for social media inspiration, execute these ideas to spice up your social media profiles until your personal inspiration sparks again!

1. Answer a question about social media through a tutorial.
2. Interview someone interesting/doing something interesting/creating something interesting.
3. Create a #TBT (throwback Thursday) post and provide a great story, (meaning more than a sentence) behind the TBT photo.
4. Share an inspirational quote and why it is inspirational to you (not just the quote, lol).
5. Attend an event and photo-journal it for an instagram stories post.
6. Create an infographic about a popular topic and share it on all platforms.
7. Create a Facebook or Twitter quiz/or ask a question and give multiple choice answers.
8. Thank your followers for their support or thank your customers for their support.
9. Create a newsletter and create a post announcing the newsletter and asking followers to sign up.
10. Return to your social media profiles and find your most popular post and either update it or recreate it again with a new smart twist.
11. Talk about a myth related to your industry or line of work and debunk it (or prove it true! who knows!).
12. Share your current book reading list and why you love (or dislike) the books you have recently read.
13. Give a shout out to another business or organization that you support or admire or love the work of in the world.
14. Google an upcoming holiday (widely or little known) and create a graphic for it and celebrate it!
15. Provide a top 5 tips or suggestions about a topic that you feel confident in and remember to be helpful!
16. Cross-promote your social channels and include images.
17. Share a funny video or joke or graphic/GIF.
18. Share a review of your favorite movie (fiction, non-fiction, documentary, etc.).
19. Create a video talking about an issue that you feel passionate about. If you do not want to get that personal, grab a partner and talk about some common idea or issue that you both feel you can explore fully in a conversation.
20. Share a news story about your industry and comment about why it is important.
21. Do a #FollowFriday and find 3-4 other people that you want to support and provide their profile names and why people should follow them. Or, find 3-4 people that are in the same industry and do the same based off their industry (you could do a different industry every Friday).
22. Share a list of your favorite industry tools, websites, free resources, etc.
23. Create a 20-questions post and,…..ANSWER THEM! LOL!
24. #FreebieFriday post where you post your favorite free tool, download, resource, etc. (again, this is one you can do every Friday!)
25. Use Google Forms to create a customer or follower survey based on some questions that you would like to know/feedback you would like to receive. For even better chances of a higher rate of response, add in a random drawing giveaway/prize as a part of it.
26. Speaking of giveaways, create a contest and give away something in exchange for some engagement. Create a hashtag around the contest and if you can – find a company that will co-sponsor the contest with you to provide the prizes!
27. Take a popular topic and write a long detailed post about it.
28. Let readers know about upcoming events or specials related to your company, industry or products.
29. Create challenges for your readers/followers and give them tasks (with a timeframe) to achieve related to their business or profession.
30. GO LIVE on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and talk about something to immediately engage with your audience.
31. Review a product, service or both.

BONUS! 32. Attend an industry conference and document those moments and what you learned from the experience.

BONUS+ 33. Use the #HashtagHolidays calendar from Sprout Social for a full year of wonderful holidays you can share content around all year long.

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