Insights: My Client Process

I love partnering with clients to help them solve their business needs. I work with clients in all types of areas, from starting their own businesses, to building or strengthening their brands, creating business strategy, developing business plans, and more. Bringing my client’s vision to life, along with the process of finding clarity in their objectives and cultivating messages that speak directly to key target audiences, are areas I excel in, and thus can help my clients succeed in those areas as well.

Every client and every business opportunity is unique, presenting different needs and objectives. I create customized plans to address my client’s specific needs. My plans are tailored for each business, creating a strategy that can be implemented with goals that can be monetized.

My Process

  1. Meeting
  2. Proposal
  3. Client Calls & Project Milestones
  4. FInal Project Review


I start my client process with an initial meeting to discuss the objectives and strategies they would like to achieve with the project(s). Depending on the client location and preference, this initial meeting can take place either in person, a video meeting, or via a conference call, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

During this meeting we will discuss in detail the scope of the project(s) to include the goals the client would like to accomplish, the overall timeline of the project, the current state of the business, any and all questions, and more.

This meeting will provide the background information I need in order to customize a proposal to meet the business objectives.  


Following the initial meeting, the client will receive a proposal of services within 3 – 5 business days. This proposal will define the scope of the overall project and the steps needed to help each client create, implement, and meet their business goals. I will provide in detail the timeframe, deliverables, proposed client review / touch base meetings, and milestones.

Once the proposal is accepted and signed by all parties, the project will officially begin!

Client Calls & Project Milestones

Client calls and project milestones will be detailed in the client’s business proposal. These calls will be scheduled around the client’s availability, and on occasion, in between milestone reviews, in order to keep the project moving forward. Calls will be scheduled in advance, and the client will be provided with a reminder 1-2 business days prior to each meeting, along with an agenda for the call.

Clients will also be provided with a dedicated conference call number. Each scheduled conversation will be recorded and sent to the client for their files. Video options are also available and can be requested in advance.

Final Project Review

Upon completion of each project, the client will receive a written summary recapping the entire project and access to all files for a period of 30 days. A final call will also be scheduled to ensure all questions have been answered and the project has been finalized according to the project’s scope and the client’s satisfaction.

Business solutions, branding, and strategy are my passion. I would love to work with you to help you take your business to the next level. For more information, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you on your next project.

Be Different. Be Distinctive. Be Dynamic. Be on Brand.

(I will explain this in a future blog post)


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