Pokémon Go: Social Gaming (Retro) Craze

What’s old is new again, and in a BIG Way. 

Pokémon was first released in the US on November 6, 1999 on Nintendo GameBoy video game systems. Pokémon was so popular in the early 2000’s that it became a huge franchise releasing many licensed products – trading cards, toys, television shows, etc.  According to Wiki, Pokémon is the second-most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo’s Mario franchise

Pokemon nintendo

So WHY, are we now seeing our social media feeds filled with people talking about Pokémon in 2016? Well, on July 5, a mobile version of the game was released called Pokémon Go (available on iOS and Android), and since it’s released has earned approximately $7.5 million and revenue with an estimated $1.6 million in DAILY revenue!

What is Pokémon Go All About

Your friends, neighbors, kids, office mates… believe it or not, most of them (even undercover) are on the hunt for Pokémon! Pokémon Go uses your phone GPS device to detect where you are in the game and where to go to find and catch Pokémon. People have been spending hours walking around, riding their bikes, and even driving to locations to find their next capture. The game encourages you to go out into the real world and explore. It’s the Pokémon spin on augmented reality.

And the best part about the game, it’s FREE! Of course, the game allows for in-app purchases. You can buy bundles of PokéCoins to help you in the game, ranging from $.99 to $99.99. It’s about about the PokéCoins baby… You can also purchase eggs, balls, incense, lures, and more!

Social (Media) Aspect

So, after seeing the craze this weekend on most of my social media accounts, I must admit, I decided to give in to the Pokémon hunt! And today, I created my very own advatar. Yes…I am in Ninja in the gaming world.

FullSizeRender (5)

And very quickly, I found my first two catches! And lucky me, there’s a “gym” close by where I can practice to increase my skill level.

But why, WHY is Pokémon Go so addictive? There is just something about mixing nostalgia with a touch of reality. And not only is it for adults, all ages can enjoy, geeks and non-geeks alike, love this game!

If you’re up for even more reading, here’s a good article from a mobile Product Manager’s perspective on why people love Pokémon Go so much.

If you’re currently playing the game, or if you want to get started and need some tips, well, here are a few articles that may help. I’m working my way through these starting today!

Tips for Playing Pokémon Go

Want even more information? Here’s a hilarious commentary about the game; check out Philip DeFranco’s post (DeFrancoNation) from Facebook.

Happy Hunting!

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