Social Media Detox: How to Unplug Without Losing Engagement

Social media can consume a great deal of time in one’s daily life. If your job or business requires that you stay involved and constantly engaged in social media, then it can consume even more of your time. A lot of people want to take some time away from social media, but fear losing engagement and followers from doing so. While this is a legitimate concern, there are things that you can do to give yourself some time away while still making sure that you are present and accounted for on your social media platforms.

Make plans for your time away, both online and offline.

Your time away from social media doesn’t have to give you a serious case of FOMO. If you carefully plan what your schedule is going to look like both online and offline during that time, the transition could be a lot easier to take AND for you to stick to. To help you get started, think about the times of the day that you normally engage on social media, and then think about what other activities you could do during that time instead of getting lost in the social media rabbit hole. Next, commit to activities ahead of time, this will help you stay true to your goal of staying away from social media. For instance, you could buy tickets to a movie or a concert, go to a museum, or spend quality time with friends outside and away from your computer. Oh, and by the way, this applies to your phone too. Leave the phone in your pocket or bag (if you’re disciplined enough not to constantly check it) and if that is too much temptation for you, leave the phone in the car or give it to someone in your group for “safekeeping”. If you love capturing and posting moments to social media as they happen, you can allow others to tag you on pictures and posts that will appear on your timelines – but you should be device free and in the moment. The next part of your detox plan is to schedule what is going to happen to your online presence while away.

Use tools that allow you to schedule and post date social media posts during the time you are away.

It is fairly easy these days to make it look like you are online all day on all of your social media platforms, even if you are not. Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer allow you to add to your social media profiles, schedule social media posts, upload images, and prepare in a BIG way for being away from social media. During your detox, stagger your scheduled posts for different times and different dates while you’re away. If you have an audience that is used to hearing from you on a certain time or day, make sure you definitely schedule something to post during that period of time. Consistency is key to maintaining your social media engagement and viewership while you are away and if your audience is used to hearing from you at a certain time – make sure to keep that going. With a little planning and creative posting, you can continue to have a full and rich persona online while enjoying the things you have been missing offline.

To further avoid temptation, fully commit and remove social media applications from your phone.

This one is really important. Your offline time should be as free of social media interaction as possible. That includes reviewing social media posts, creating posts, uploading photos, etc. You can still take photos from the events and activities that you are engaging in during your time off, you just have to wait to upload and post them until after your offline time is over. Even better than that, leave your phone out of your offline life as much altogether. Uninstalling the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram apps from your phone temporarily will also help prevent the temptation to just click, snap, and share every minute of your life. Remember, the goal is to be IN the moment, every moment and reconnect with the life you are missing when you are focusing on posts, pings, pop-ups, snaps and pins.

Disengaging from social media is not going to be easy, but reconnecting to the things in your life will provide you with some great and beneficial new discoveries. It will also re-energize you so that you can tackle the social media jungle with renewed energy and creativity.



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