Thursday Marketing Wrap-up: 7/27/17

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Localized Digital Marketing: How Brands Like Airbnb And WeWork Are Leading The Way
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Local businesses are some of the slowest to adapt to digital technologies and digital marketing strategies. That’s because small local business owners have to wear many hats, and with so many responsibilities, staying on top of the most up-to-date marketing trends isn’t always a top priority. It takes time to adapt to new technologies and small businesses usually don’t have in-house digital expertise necessary to make it happen.”

3 Hot Marketing Trends You Need To Try Now
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Marketing is constantly evolving, and while things like email marketing and content marketing will continue to be viable strategies, there are some other, growing trends worth exploring right now. You will never know if something is going to work for your business unless you test, optimize and adjust. If you are looking to make adjustments to your current marketing strategy, consider looking into these three red-hot strategies that are currently on the rise.”

Text Message Marketing: Is It Good for Your Business?
FROM THE ARTICLE: “One of the most confounding parts of managing a small business is determining how to best market your brand to customers. Of all the choices, text message marketing (SMS, specifically) seems like the ideal pick – it’s quick, easy, and you’re almost guaranteed that customers will see it. A few drawbacks, concerns and misconceptions, though, may keep you from hitting the send button on this form of marketing.” 

4 Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from Netflix
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If there’s any content marketing prodigy that you should pay particular attention to, it’s Netflix. Very few companies have led the spawn of an entire industry, and still managed to stay ahead of the curve. The streaming video service closed 2016 with 93.8 million subscribers, up nearly 20 million from the year prior. Its strategy is very tactical, and it plans to keep it that way. Have you ever heard the company publicly speak to its methods of exposure? Netflix is extremely covert in the area of marketing; you’d almost think it’s Magic Leap.”


Why Brands Like L’Oreal And Acura Are Betting Big On Augmented Reality
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Two weeks ago, Acura set up a racetrack in El Toro, Calif., around a former Marine base and asked four influencers to drive a car as quickly and safely as possible down the course. The catch? All of the drivers were wearing augmented reality-equipped helmets that overlaid HD graphics on top of the real world to make it look like they were driving through a jungle and snowstorm, making it difficult to stay on course. Meanwhile, footage from the race was livestreamed across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”


5 Ways the Smartest Businesses Use Instagram Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “There are a million and one Instagram marketing posts out there, and 99 percent of them offer the same solid, sensible advice. But what if you’ve mastered the basics — you’ve nailed down your goals, started posting regularly, fine-tuned your profile, and begun tracking your progress — and now you’re looking to kick things up a notch?”

Should You Automate Your Instagram Marketing?
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If you’re halfway through the year and your 2017 Instagram goals are starting to feel a bit too ambitious, bots may sound like a good answer. Instagram automation tools help tons of accounts reach new audiences with algorithms that target users using generic comments, likes and follows, which every so often leads to those users checking out your account and, hopefully, deciding to follow you.”

This Marketer Transformed His Intagra Into 2 Profitable Businesses
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Ryan Glick’s business started with a simple picture he snapped of himself holding a cup of coffee. One weekend in 2014, while employed at a social media agency doing branding and strategy and running his own ecommerce website on the side, Glick took a photo of his coffee and his clothes. The picture turned out nicely, so he did it again the next weekend, when suddenly a lightbulb went off in Glick’s head: “This is a hashtag.”



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