Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 8/17/17

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Why The Marketing Campaign Is Dead And What Should Replace It
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Instead, successful marketing is about building assets and systems that drive growth — whether that’s an amazing customer service experience, a growth hacking mindset or an incredible product. Programs, not campaigns: Many marketers think in terms of campaigns. Start with an idea or product, come up with a marketing plan, develop the messaging and creative, and you’re done. The problem is, once you’re finished, you’re already chasing the next campaign.”

Five Ways To Engage Millennials Through Your Content Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Millennials are currently the largest generation, and they’re just getting into their prime spending years, making them an obvious client to market to. However, because they came of age during an era of tremendous digital advances, they’re a particularly challenging generation to understand. Their needs and preferences are always evolving with developments in technology.”

6 Crazy Effective Growth Hacks For Your Next Content Marketing Campaign
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If you have been struggling to grow your content marketing campaigns due to the overabundance of competition, then it is time to try something a little bit different. Growth-hacking is a relatively new term for a set of tactics and techniques. These tactics give you a map for supercharging your content marketing growth and expanding your reach to new levels.”


Why Going Cheap On Your Branding Is One Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Your brand has a life. Believe it or not, this thing you’ve created has legs to stand on, living and breathing every day. While this may sound high-minded, statistics prove otherwise. According to a study compiled by Bop Design, 54 percent of people don’t trust brands. But for those who do, 64 percent cite sharing a common bond with the brand as their primary reason for following or purchasing from them.”


How To Write Social Media Headlines That Stand Out
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Social media plays an important role in any online business. While your pages don’t usually translate to immediate sales, social media boosts brand awareness among your potential customers and is a great tool to develop loyal, long-term customers. As an added bonus, it provides a ton of useful customer data. A wealth of demographic information is readily available for every person on social. This allows you to refine your buyer personas and connect with potential customers on a deeper level.”

Ten Classic Small Business Social Media Mistakes
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Just “being on social” is a good start (though I still urge you to have a website, too). But marketing your small business on social media takes a particular kind of mindset. It’s not advertising, after all – you have to do more than just broadcast messages at people. Social media has also become a primary channel for customer service. You should expect to hear from customers and prospects via social media now – both when they’re happy… and when they’re not. And many of those communications will be visible to the public, which means you’re under extra pressure to get it right.”

[Webinar Recap] Content Marketing, Blogging, and Brand Publishing: What’s The Difference And How To Take Your Company’s Content Marketing To The Next Level
FROM THE ARTICLE: “When it comes to content, getting the results you’re after isn’t always easy. If you’re lucky (and you’re doing it right), it just takes time. The honest truth is that most companies don’t understand that in order to garner the right results, they need a bulletproof owned and earned media strategy that will transition them from a company with a blog to a full-fledged brand publisher.”


Solar Eclipse Marketing: How Retailers Can Use Special Events To Grow Business
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Marketing is ultimately a battle for the customers’ mind, as Al Ries and Jack Trout remind us in their book “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.”Helping a customer create a memory is the most powerful way a brand can get into the consumer’s mind, with the product offered a physical, tangible reminder that helps them relive it and share it. That is the big business opportunity the Solar Eclipse offers.”

How Companies Are Cashing In On The Solar Eclipse
FROM THE ARTICLE: “August 21 will mark the first total solar eclipse that will be visible coast-to-coast from the mainland United States since 1918. As people prepare for the main event, U.S. businesses — from national chains to mom-and-pop shops — are starting to hawk special eclipse-themed merchandise. Here are some of the commemorative eclipse products and promotions out there now.”

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