Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 8/24/17

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Four Types Of People To Add To Your Digital Marketing Team
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Are you satisfied with the results of your digital marketing plan to date? Or are you less than impressed and interested in making some immediate changes? Before you tear down your strategy and search for new ways to reach your goals, you’ll first want to assess your team. There’s a good chance you have the right plan in place, but the wrong people. If you find that this holds true, here are four types of people to add to your digital marketing team in the near future:”

How To Use SMS Text Message Marketing Your Small Business (Infographic)
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Looking for a powerful and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers? Consider text marketing, a tried-and-true tool that helps businesses connect with customers on a personalized and relevant level. A direct marketing channel, text marketing can help small businesses boost sales and build brand awareness.”

5 Ways Words Can Destroy Your Marketing Messages (And How To Fix Them)
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If your marketing messages aren’t powerful and don’t speak to the right audiences, they won’t deliver the results you need. In other words, you’ll lose money on your investments, and you’ll lose sales. No business owner can afford that! Words carry a lot of weight, and you need to use them wisely in your marketing messages. An experienced copywriter can craft messages that communicate effectively and motivate the audience to take action, but what if you can’t afford to hire a copywriter? What if you’re not sure the copywriter you’re working with is any good?”


Three Things To Consider Before You Brand
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Your business’s brand is important — it sets you apart from competitors, promotes recognition and represents what you commit to deliver. Ultimately, your brand is how customers perceive you, which can make or break your business. A good brand doesn’t just fall out of the sky; it’s the result of strategic thinking and a well-designed plan. Consider these three things before branding (or rebranding) to ensure that you are conveying the right message:”

Three Thought-Provoking Branding Exercises To Help Define Your Business
FROM THE ARTICLE: “A lot of business owners believe that the “culture” side of branding will take care of itself as long as you hire the right people and rent the right office space. But this is not necessarily the case: A good, holistic brand takes work and commitment from your entire team. The only place to start, then, is to get everyone on the same page on how you want your company to be perceived. Here are a few fun, engaging and insightful exercises you and your team can do today to help define your brand.”

Five Brand Strategies Your Small Business Can Learn From Luxury Brands
FROM THE ARTICLE: “The temptation may be strong to follow the positioning strategies of all the other experts in your niche. However, you can learn so much from French Luxury Bakery Ladurée. Though a bakery, Ladurée has taken on the style: look and feel, of a beauty and fashion brand. They even refer to the brand as Maison Ladurée, a term typically used in luxury fashion brands.”


Twenty-Five Social Media Campaigns Your Small Business Could Try
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Social media presents tons of different opportunities for your brand to get creative with different types of campaigns. No matter what platforms your brand uses, you can come up with promotion and marketing ideas to appeal to your target audience. Here are 25 different social media campaign ideas for your small business to try.”

Seven Ways To Make Meaningful Connections With Your Customers on Social Media
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Some might believe that social media is a bit impersonal when it comes to establishing and nurturing relationships with clients. But the reality is that when you know how to do it the right way, meaningful connections can indeed be made through multiple social media platforms. So how exactly is it done? Every business will connect with their target audience and their customers in different ways but there are a few guidelines you can take advantage if you are a business that is just starting out on social media.”

Seven Tips For Using Instagram For Business
FROM THE ARTICLE: “1. Show what you do in a creative way. Focus on the solution you provide, not the products you sell. On Instagram, it’s essential to add value to your customers and look pretty while you do it. Never underestimate the fact that your most important asset (and downfall) on this social media network is visual content.”


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