Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 8/31/17

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Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Per our usual Thursday wrap-up, we are offering tips, tools, and resources to help you and your business with marketing, branding, and social media. However, we have also included a few articles showcasing how Social Media has played a major role in the ongoing relief efforts. Please consider donating to a worthy cause to help with the immediate needs of those affected.


Seven Ways To Correct A Failing Marketing Strategy
FROM THE ARTICLE: “So let’s say you have a marketing strategy that’s, for the most part, “failing.” You aren’t seeing the results you predicted, and from what you can tell, your return on investment (ROI) is either negligible or negative. I’m going to assume that this isn’t just a gut feeling or an early reaction, either — you’ve looked up the hard numbers, and can objectively demonstrate that your marketing strategy isn’t working the way you’d hoped. You don’t want to abandon your strategy altogether, so what can you do to correct it?”

The 17 Essential Rules for Email Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “1. Prune your list mercilessly. It’s not the number of email addresses in your list that count; it’s the percentage of email addresses belonging to prospects who might buy from you. Delete addresses that don’t open your emails and make it easy for uninterested “prospects” to unsubscribe. 2. Send emails during off hours. Numerous studies have shown that marketing emails are much more likely to be answered if they are sent when prospects are not juggling all the daily emails that get traded during normal work hours.”

5 Ways To Improve Your Small Business Marketing
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If your marketing strategies for small business never change, they can go stale. Your competitors will find better ways to market, and your customers will get tired of you. You must follow marketing trends to stay fresh with your customers. While your basic marketing plan might work for your business, there are things you can do to improve. Find out how to improve marketing for your small business.”


Why Purpose Is Paramount To Business And Branding Success: A Walmart Case Study
FROM THE ARTICLE: “In today’s world, consumers are more informed about engaged with the brands they buy from. This demand for purposeful business is mobilizing companies to invest in building a socially conscious profile and the meaningful social impactful work they need to back it up. In other words, businesses that invest in and share stories about their measurable social contributions increase brand value and carve out a competitive advantage. Walmart is an interesting case study because it has undergone a transformation of corporate ethos, branding, and reputation management.”

The Basics of Branding
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does “branding” mean? How does it affect a small business like yours?”


The Social Media Demographics Report: Differences In Age, Gender, and Income At The Top Platforms
FROM THE ARTICLE: “In a new report, BI Intelligence highlights the key audience demographics for six major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It examines multiple dimensions of change within each platform’s demographic makeup — including age, income, education, gender, and overall adoption in terms of online adults in the US — and assesses how certain segments of the US population have adapted their social media behaviors. The report also explores how much time each age demographic is investing on each platform.”

Cheat Sheet Helps Small Businesses Manage Social Media Presence (Infographic)
FROM THE ARTICLE: “To decode the ways in which you can make the most of social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, product review site WeAreTop10 has compiled all the information you may need to leave a good visual impact.”

5 Benefits for Creating a Facebook Group For Your Business
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Many entrepreneurs create a Facebook page for their business, expecting it to be a goldmine of engagement, referral traffic and sales. Unfortunately, most business pages fail and turn into a dead zone. To make pages work, you need to run paid ads, placing them directly in front of your target audience.”


Hurricane Harvey Victims Turn To Social Media For Assistance
FROM THE ARTICLE: “With local 911 systems choked by calls during Hurricane Harvey, many Houston residents tried going viral over Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc., one of the widest uses of social media in a natural disaster. Residents and their friends and relatives used social-media tools to gain assistance and call attention to sometimes life-threatening situations. Some users took the unusual step of sharing their full names and addresses across public channels like Facebook and Twitter.”

Social Media Best Qualities Shine During Harvey Response
FROM THE ARTICLE: “As the tragic events surrounding Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it’s caused continues to unfold, one storyline that has emerged from the storm is how social media has proved to be a tool that’s been used for good.” 

Hurricane Harvey: 5 Ways Social Media Saved Lives in Texas
FROM THE ARTICLE: “So many calls came into 911 in the Houston area this past weekend — more than 56,000 within 15 hours — as Hurricane Harvey socked so many parts of Southeastern Texas that first responders were simply overwhelmed, leaving many people stranded in waist-deep flooding and desperate for help. Not knowing where else to turn for help, many turned to strangers and the only place they knew someone would be listening: social media.”

How Social Media Is Helping Houston Deal WIth Harvey Floods
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Hundreds of stranded Texas residents sought help on Sunday by posting on Facebook and Twitter. They tweeted their addresses to emergency officials. They organized rescue missions through Facebook groups. And they posted harrowing pictures to emphasize just how high the flood waters were.”

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