Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 8/3/17

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8 Digital Stats From Last Week That Marketing Players Need to Know
FROM THE ARTICLE: “There was a ton of newsworthy stats and research revealed in the last several days around digital advertising, social media marketing and other topics. Check out the eight digital marketing stats this week that grabbed our attention…”

The Many Ways You’re Marketing Even When You Don’t Know You Are
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Businesses work hard to create effective marketing campaigns, coming up with strategies carefully crafted to promote their brands both online and off. But whether you realize it or not, you can promote brand awareness even when you’re unaware of it. A company’s image starts with its leadership and spreads to its employees and the work they do. Here are some effective ways you build and grow brand awareness in ways you may not have considered.”

58 Best Marketing Tools To Build Your Strategy in 2017
FROM THE ARTICLE: “In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. How is it possible to keep up with them all?”

50 Free Marketing Tools Any Small Business Can Use
FROM THE ARTICLE: “You’re a small business. You need to market your products and services to establish yourself on the market and edge ahead of competitors. Though your marketing budget doesn’t stretch too far. Fortunately, there is a whole host of free marketing tools that small businesses can benefit from. Here’s 50!”


The Most Common Branding Mistakes Made By Marketers
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Online marketing is a complex activity. Besides the quick advancements of the digital environment, technology is rising at great speeds. Nowadays, everyone has a phone that can access the entire web database. That is why the online medium is the best environment in which businesses can promote their products to an almost infinite number of interested customers.

The Power of Pancakes: Branding Starts with Tribes, Not Beta Tests
FROM THE ARTICLE: “When most people think of “branding,” they envision entrepreneurs conjuring up a fancy name, registering an associated domain and working with a designer to create the perfect logo. Reality check: Branding isn’t about design fluff and clever names. Branding is a massive endeavor that involves everything from your company’s identity and personality to how you’ll connect with your target audience. A failure to get these details right can crush your beautiful brand in no time.”


SnapChat for Business: Everything You Need to Know
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Although Snapchat is one of the most popular mobile social media apps, its website (as you’d expect) doesn’t receive as much traffic, according to internet analytics company AlexaBusiness Insider reports 158 million use the app every day, opening it on average 18 times daily. Additionally, 63 percent of respondents to a Variety survey said the main motivation for using the app was to message friends. Unlike most social networking platforms, the app’s messaging services are entirely mobile-based, so if you want to use Snapchat for your business, your smartphone will become a crucial marketing tool.”

YouTube for Business: Everything You Need to Know
FROM THE ARTICLE: “As an individual user, the site appears to be straightforward. But what about small businesses? What kinds of videos should and shouldn’t you upload? How do you engage with other users creating similar content? Can you attract followers that eventually turn into loyal customers? What about creating an advertising campaign? To know how to use the site to your brand’s advantage, you need to understand how the platform works.”

Twitter for Business: Everything You Need to Know
FROM THE ARTICLE: “There are many reasons why a small business needs a social media presence. The most practical reasons have to do with your credibility and discoverability,” Leah Paul, director of marketing at Mediabistro said to Business News Daily in another piece. “It’s important because it’s expected, like having a website, a phone number and an email address.”


4 Content Marketing Lessons To Learn from Netflix
FROM THE ARTICLE: “If there’s any content marketing prodigy that you should pay particular attention to, it’s Netflix. Very few companies have led the spawn of an entire industry, and still managed to stay ahead of the curve. The streaming video service closed 2016 with 93.8 million subscribers, up nearly 20 million from the year prior.”

Netflix Is On The Hook for $20 Billion. Can It Keep Spending It’s Way To Success?
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Netflix has accumulated a hefty $20.54 billion in long-term debt and obligations in its effort to produce more original content. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company hopes more new shows will capture more subscribers, its primary revenue driver. It’s also under pressure to keep spending on new shows as streaming rivals such as Amazon and Hulu expand their own slates of original programming.”

As Amazon’s Influence Grows, Marketers Scramble To Tailor Strategies
FROM THE ARTICLE:: “Amazon’s rapidly expanding influence on a wide portion of the American public has become impossible to ignore – and it’s giving rise to a whole new side of the advertising industry.”

What Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Program Means For The Entire Marketing Industry
FROM THE ARTICLE:: “In 2015, AdWeek reported that Influencer Marketing is The Next Big Thing. Since then, it has lived up to the hype and became the fastest growing channel in digital marketing. It’s logical that an internet giant like Amazon would want to make their presence known and capitalize on the growth. This is especially true since their business is heavily dependent on affiliate marketing revenue generated from blogger and marketers.”

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