Thursday Marketing Wrap-Up: 9/28/17

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17 Marketing Tools Your Marketing Cannot Do Without in 2017
FROM THE ARTICLE: “In the past decade, Marketing has gained access to a host of SaaS tools that optimize, simplify, and generally improve marketing efforts. Some, like Google’s suite of tools, or Facebook’s advertising options, have been around for a few years now—an eternity in Internet time—and you’re probably already using them. Others are much newer, often with abstract names that don’t necessarily reveal how powerful they really are. What marketing tools should your company be using right now? Here are 17 for 2017: some new, some tried and true, all totally useful.”

Your Email Marketing Is Not Working For All The Usual Reasons
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Email marketing is tricky business. It can make or break your brand sooner than you’d imagine. However, most digital marketers find themselves in the soup when their sincere email marketing efforts fail to bear fruit. Most probably, you’re making one of the many common mistakes. In this guide, I’ll help you figure out why your email marketing jet is not taking off like you want it to.”

Five Things You Need To Know About Marketing To Baby Boomers
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Generational marketing is a key issue in the field of senior in-home care because our target market is the senior population and their adult children caregivers or guardians. The baby boomer generation, which encompasses people between the ages of 53 and 71, fits both generations.”

Marketing To Millennials, Air France Launches New Airline Joon
FROM THE ARTICLE: “When U.S. carriers try to appeal to Millennial customers and compete with the dread ULCCs (ultra-low cost carriers), they roll out Basic Economy fares. In Europe, it seems that for the majors to compete with the likes of Ryanair, Norwegian Airlines and WOW, they roll out whole new airlines. That’s been the strategy of British Airways, with their Level spinoff. Now Air France has targeted the fickle Millennial flyer as well, with Joon. The name was chosen to “illustrate a positive state of mind.””


Four Branding Lessons from Hugh Hefner
FROM THE ARTICLE: “1. Embrace your brand – “For years Hef has been the literal persona of the Playboy brand,” Allen Adamson wrote in Forbes.The Telegraph reported: For decades, Hefner remained the pipe-smoking, captain’s hat wearing, silk-pajama-clad centre of a non-stop party at the Playboy mansions in Chicago and later in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t just a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by women that Hefner promoted.”

The Small Business Challenges Branding Will, And Won’t, Solve
FROM THE ARTICLE: “No matter how clever your logo is, how pretty your website looks, or how compelling your message is, I’ll be the first to admit that a killer brand won’t always turn your business into a winner. There are common challenges I encounter every day with my clients that branding can solve, including attracting more of the right clients who can afford your services and want to pay you for them. But there are often other underlying issues that need to be addressed if a brand is going to take you from struggling to profitable – especially in the small business world.”

Sarah Jessica Parker, Instagram Talk Authenticity In Branding
FROM THE ARTICLE: “With lines wrapped around the block, one of Advertising Week’s hottest panels featured an auditorium bursting with attendees eager to see Sarah Jessica Parker, on a panel with with Instagram Chief Operating Officer Marne Levine, Glossier founder Emily Weiss, and moderated by ABC News’ Chief Business & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. We’ve seen influencers telling personal stories, but now brands are joining in, too.”


10 Social Media Trends To Prepare For In 2018
FROM THE ARTICLE: “In the past year, a number of significant stories involved social media: Facebook lured Snapchat usersto Instagram, the president of the United States communicated official policy positions in 140 characters and Apple announced plans to alter the way we interact with our mobile devices. Next year, social media is poised to create even more disruption as a number of new technological advancements go mainstream, and as social norms related to social media change. Here are the top 10 social media trends to prepare for as 2018 draws near.”

5 Social Media Trends That Will Have Maximum Impact in 2018
FROM THE ARTICLE: “Content that is short lived is thought to be more authentic versus sponsored ads or spammy posts that lasts longer and push customers into making purchases. The content is lost within hours, so it effectively raises the potential of FOMO(fear of missing out). As a result, audiences take fast action and marketers gain from it. Users can access content easily with the help of Snap Codes or QR codes. Ephemeral content gives you potential customers’ attention, which is undoubtedly the most prized commodity on the internet today.”

Pinterest Launches Platform To Help Brands Access And Work With Pin Collective Creators
FROM THE ARTICLE: Pinterest is now making its Pin Collective available to all advertisers using Promoted Pins, as it launches a brand new self-serve platform in collaboration with Popular Pays. The Pin Collective – an external network of Pinterest content creators who are experts in creating content for the platform – was introduced last year, and born out of Pinterest’s “Studio” team. The availability of Pin Collective gave brands a great way to create effective beautiful content for Pinterest, by teaming up with photographers, designers, illustrators, art directors and other creatives. The program has had much success with major brands and big agencies alike, so Pinterest is now making Pin Collective available to all advertisers through its custom platform.”

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