Top Ways You Can Market Your Business

This post is simple and straight to the point. You need ideas to help you marketing your business and we have a fresh list of the top ways for you to do just that. Dive in! Take notes! And GET STARTED!

1. Create a newsletter or email series, and then use those signups to build an email list. Email lists have a high ROI for entrepreneurs and is one of the most cost-effective ways to put your message, services, and products out there – tapping directly into your potential customers, clients, and audience.

2. Create a Facebook business page and/or business related group and advertise to your friends and business associates to join and engage with you on that platform.

3. Attend networking and industry related events in your city so that you can mingle with others in your line of work. Try to create genuine connections with those in attendance and leave them with a great first impression of you and your work.

4. Look for guest post/blog opportunities on other popular websites.

5. Create a freebie (or two or three) to give away to your followers and audience in exchange for their email address (and maybe ONE other piece of information). This is a great way to build your email list.

6. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SELF PROMOTE! create business cards, flyers and posters that you can put up in your community advertising your products, business or services. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn and asking for business from your community.

7. Create and execute a podcast to share your work and your knowledge about your industry.

8. Do a FREE webinar providing information useful to those trying to do what you are doing successfully. Ask for a name and email address in the registration process. You can also ask if the person is interested in having you contact them about your services.

9. Seek out and go after speaking opportunities at workshops and conferences for yourself. If your industry does not have any large conferences of events, create one of your own and promote it with yourself as a speaker! Go for it!

10. BLOG! Nothing will ever take the place of great, well written content. Use your blog as your main platform for showing your experience and knowledge and write about what you know (or don’t know). Mind your SEO and make sure to use known keywords, categories and tags as needed.

11. Create reciprocity. Just like you want others to comment on your blog and social media posts, you have to do the same. Join Facebook groups and Twitter chats and engage with those that you follow and enjoy. They will take notice and do the same for you. Support those that support you.

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